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The Best Insurance for Healthy Lifestyles

Life insurance is supposed to protect your loved ones in the event of your death, so why bother taking care of your health, right? Well, life insurance premiums are determined by the insurance companies and are based on mortality risk statistics. Essentially, if you’re expected to live a long, healthy life, you can expect to pay lower life insurance premiums. So if you want to keep your costs low and medical bills lower, you will consider eating healthy, sleeping well, and exercising.

Based on your risk class (which is determined based on your insurance application and medical records), you are assigned a certain premium rate. The ideal risk class to be in is the Preferred Plus, which has the lowest premium rates. Achieving this risk class

Healthy individuals are less likely to die an untimely death, meaning life insurance companies can avoid sudden claim payouts of death benefits until a later time. Those with unhealthy lifestyles or medical conditions who wait until the last moment to buy a life insurance policy pose a definite risk to insurance companies. The way they balance this risk is by having healthy individuals buy policies and keeping them solvent even after paying out the often enormous sums of money.

Life insurance isn’t just for unhealthy lifestyles - healthy folk can benefit from being insured too because death takes almost everyone by surprise. And it’s important to financially protect your loved ones with life insurance even if you’re expecting to live a long, healthy life. Term life insurance is typically less expensive and is the best policy if you are physically in great shape and either walk a lot, cycle, run, or even practice yoga.

iLifeInsurance is an online tool to help you locate the right plan, with the best premium rates, at a price that fits within your budget - all on your own time without salesmen influencing your decisions or pressuring you to buy a plan. Click here to get a free term life quote today.

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